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Software Development

End-to-End app development from scratch, with first class UI/UX design based on Your expectations.

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Apps On the Go

Developing mobile apps for ERP or desktop systems to increasing productivity and drive employee engagement.

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System audits, road-maps and technology advice from our experts, keeping your projects in firm hands.

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Renew your system

Process and technology improvement to enable new features, new functions for your legacy software.

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We produce awesome work for our clients according to their business needs


Project Based

A model where all business and product decisions, as well as the scope of work, must be decided, declared and contracted before the project starts. The software team and the client agrees on a clear outcome, with a fixed price and a fixed resources. Any changes after the agreement shall result in the adjustment of the project plan and contracts.

We recommend this model in case you can clearly define the deliverable (requirements specification) if you want to limit your financial exposure and delegate the responsibility on the software team.

Time & Material

In the time & materials model, you are able to adjust the project’s requirements and shape to constantly changing business circumstances. Our dedicated software team is ready to work towards your goals.

In the T&M approach, the scope can be adjusted ad hoc in case the project needs some additional functionality, or to simplify certain process on the go.

The model is highly flexible and scalable. We recommend this model, in case your project is a result of a new development effort, experiment with new features and ideas on a long-term basis. In this case you - the client- take the responsibility for the outcome.


We are a highly flexible software team to provide the best solution for our clients, when it comes to on-site development work. The speed, the quality of interaction during an integration work, or a critical, inter-related environment could save precious time and headaches for both parties.

We recommend the on-site model in case you have privacy concerns, working with classified information, or you have a complex development environment.
Rent our skills and capabilities to work on your project as a team with yours.


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