expert opinion &performance audit

LedBlade Ltd. hired SnapSoft to perform a 3rd party quality assessment over its current software supplier, due to quality concerns and delayed delivery. SnapSoft provided on-site performance audit and issued an “Expert Opinion” pointing-out where the current supplier is falling short.


quality concerns

Our client is a leading visual effect company to design and deploy stage lighting installation. In order to develop a custom desktop application to configure and calibrate the lighting set-up, the client outsourced the development work to a software developer supplier. The supplier failed to deliver the solution on multiple times, and the non-functioning software raised serious quality concerns. The client decided to involve our experts to perform a quality assessment on the supplier’s delivery, and to issue and “Expert Opinion” on its findings.



on-site analysis


SnapSoft performed an on-site analysis analyzing:

  • if the developing environment was appropriate,
  • if the level of system specification was deep enough,
  • if the functional requirements were exhaustive in detail,
  • if the code-base was well-maintained and literate,
  • if the allocated responsibilities of the project were aligned.

Furthermore, we developed integration tests based on the specifications, which could demonstrate an objective measure to assess the quality of the deliverable.

As a result, SnapSoft objectively demonstrated significant evidence on the short-comings of the project. We clearly pointed out that the failure originated from the supplier’s responsibilities as the code-base was ill-managed, and in some cases even the technical competence of the supplier was questionable.

technology stack

web app with IoT integration


#Spring Framework





flexible team

the result

We delivered with these resources from our location in Budapest, Hungary.

duration (month)







successful delivery

The client ceased the business relationship with the mal-performing supplier and contracted SnapSoft to take-over the role. We successfully delivered the custom made desktop application on-time and under-budget.
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