financial technology

SnapSoft upgraded a multiple account management system with a new feature-set to modernize an obsolete platform of the client with on-site consultancy and integration work.


on site audit

The brokerage firm from Cyprus contacted us to modernize their system. The firm’s integrated account management system was outdated, there was no support available and the software did not meet the novel functional requirements. The software failed to keep pace with the dynamic business environment.

SnapSoft provided on-site audit of the current system and on-site consultancy specifying the functional requirements of the client.

After a careful analysis, the following options were drafted:

  • Already available system with customization.
  • Ground-up system development from scratch

We performed a cost-benefit analysis combined with a technical feasibility study and concluded that the add-on feature development was the ideal solution, meeting all the expectation of the client including time and budget.



system analysis

At first, we prepared a comprehensive system analysis and specification from the functional requirement from the client side, allocating all the necessary resources for the project.
Since the original source-code was not available, we developed an integrated solution to overcome the shortcomings of the system, furthermore we added vital functions ready for the day-to-day operations.
As a result, we delivered the new platform which is still in use and did a successful re-sale from our client side. With the custom-made solution the firm is now leader in complex account management services.
After the delivery we provide on-going support for our partner and in any case a new feature is requested, we deliver with ease thanks to the flexibility and of the platform.

technology stack

trading platform integration



#Spring Framework



# C#



#MetaTrader 4

#Windows Forms


flexible team

the result

We delivered with these resources from our location in Budapest, Hungary and Cyprus.

duration (month)


effort (man-month)